Whether you give $25, $2,500, or $25,000, your gift will make an impact for Heartland for many years to come. Gifts of any size can be given through our donation buttons. We cannot complete our new home without your help and Heartland is honored to have your support!

If you have any questions about naming opportunities or donations, please email Gabriella Keresi-Uresti at gabby@heartlandanimalshelter.org or call (847)-294-6400 ext. 1010.

All donations towards our campaign of $500 or more will be included in a permanent display at our new building. The options will be a personalized dog bone tag or a cat fish tag and we will have a special unveiling of our permanent display for all our donors to see.

When you donate to our campaign, you will be leaving a life-long legacy at Heartland Animal Shelter. There are multiple naming opportunities because we want to ensure that everyone is able to make a significant impact on our new home. 


1. Shelter/Adoption Center Our reason for being. This is so much more than just a few walls and windows. Our shelter gives the hope of a forever home to the most vulnerable animals. For every animal we intake and every family we make whole with a forever companion, the value of this space strengthens and the further our reach can grow to offer shelter to the countless animals that need our help and to live and love again.

2. Dog Kennel
This is the heart of our dog program and will be a safe haven for over 400 dogs each year.

3. Surgical Suite/Treatment Room
Over 80% of the animals that come into our care need minor medical care. 100% of them will receive their intake exam and care in this room.

4. Puppy Kennel/Admin
In our new facility, puppies will be housed right up front which will play an integral part in their adoption process.

5. Indoor Dog Playroom
Ensuring the health and mental well-being of our dogs is a top priority. This room will be used every single day and provide an outlet of exercise for all our dogs, while providing windows for our adopters to see our dogs in action.

6. Dog Training/Play Area
This space will be used for our training needs, hosting training classes, and extra play space for our dogs.

7. Dog Meet & Greet Room
(2 available)
These are the rooms where the magic of matching our dogs with adopters will happen. 

8. Community Cat Room
This room allows our cats to be free together in a safe and welcoming environment.

9. Small Dog Room
Small dogs will now have their own space completely tailored for them in a stress-free room full of enrichment.

10. Outdoor Catio
Our outdoor “catio” will provide our cats with fresh air in a safe environment where they can take their cat naps or watch the birds.

11. Cat Meet & Greet/Cuddle Room
This is the room where the magic of matching our cats with adopters will happen. It will be a comfortable space to really get to know each other.

12. Cat Room
(2 available)
These rooms will be warm and welcoming and provide a safe space for our cats.

13. Cat Isolation Room
Feline respiratory infections are the most common illness that we see in our shelter cats. This room will provide cozy suites that will help kitties recover and get back on the road to adoption.

14. Outdoor Ball Runs
(2 available)
These runs will provide our dogs with exercise in the great outdoors. They will be able to be off-leash and play on our outdoor equipment, chase after a tennis ball, or take a nice nap.

15. Indoor Play Room Equipment
This equipment will provide vital enrichment for our dogs and will include an agility course and a playset made specifically for dogs to provide hours of fun.

16. Break Room
Our staff and volunteers work tirelessly to care for our animals and this space will allow them to unwind and recharge.

17. Bike Rack
Promoting an eco-friendly commute is one way Heartland is honoring our commitment to environmental health.

18. Laundry Room
This is one of the most utilized rooms in our facility to ensure that our animals always have clean blankets and bedding.

19. Dog Wash Station
(2 available)
Our dogs love being clean and since every dog receives a bath at intake, these stations are a vital piece of our shelter.

20. Staff Offices/Meeting Room
(3 available)
These rooms will provide our staff the necessary space to ensure the success of our life-saving programs. You’ll also likely find one of our animals relaxing here at any given time!

Ensuring that our animals have a cozy, clean, and comfortable space to call their own while in our care is a top priority for us here at Heartland. By sponsoring a kennel, you are helping all of the animals who will call your kennel a temporary home.


11×11 Dog Kennel
8×8 Dog Kennel
(5 available)
8×7 Dog Kennel
7×7 Dog Kennel
(2 available)
4×8 Dog Kennel
Small Dog Room Individual Kennel
(5 available)
Individual Cat Kennel
(25 available)


When you adopt from a no-kill shelter, you save two lives. The animal you adopt and the one that replaces him.