Cones of Fame

Heartland Animal Shelter’s dogs get in on “Cones of Fame” buzz.

Erin Einbender, former student of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and local rescue volunteer, decided to turn “cones of shame” into “cones of fame” when she decorated post-surgery cones for One Tail at a Time. She photographed their dogs wearing these cones—decorated with hearts, butterflies, and feathers—for a school project and the photos went viral. All of the dogs photographed in the “cones of fame” were adopted!

As the Cones of Fame project gained popularity and media attention, Heartland Animal Shelter volunteer Jeanne Salerno decorated her own cones for our dogs. She sent photos of her own dog, Patsy, and shelter dogs wearing them to Erin. In mid-July Erin came to Heartland Animal Shelter to photograph  Maida, Bobby Boy, Merry, Savannah, Yazmine, Scoob, and Will.I.Am wearing the cones. The results are beautiful!

Erin has since moved to Texas where she still is very involved with the Cones of Fame project. Her goal is to empower adoptable rescue dogs with decorated cones to help dogs find their forever families while promoting how important it is to spay and neuter your pet.

All of Heartland’s dogs who were photographed, except Maida, have found their forever homes.

Learn more about the Cones of Fame project on Erin’s websiteFacebook page or the article written for Today.

Cones of Fame, Dogs, ConesPhotos by Erin Einbender