Glenbrook North High School Partnership

Glenbrook North High School Students Who Are Passionate About Animal Welfare to Partner with Heartland

The Glenbrook North High School’s PAWS club is open to all students passionate about animal welfare. They focus on raising school and community awareness about animal cruelty, helping homeless pets, and supporting wildlife conservation. Heartland is honored that for the 2017-2018 school year, Ms. Rogers and the PAWS club students have decided to make helping Heartland Animal Shelter their primary focus!

The PAWS club will be working to help Heartland’s animals in various ways. A large bulletin board is currently displayed in the high school showcasing many of Heartland’s adoptable animals and encouraging the students/families to adopt from the shelter. Heartland is excited and proud to partner with these compassionate Glenbrook North High School students in order to help save even more lives.