Heartland Happy Tails: Little Foot, Mew, Baulder and Celeste

Over 745 animals have already found their forever homes in 2019 as of November 1, surpassing our total number of cats and dogs adopted in all of 2018! While they all touch our hearts, there are a few animals that bring happy tears to the volunteers and staff when they finally find their forever homes.


Little Foot found his forever home after spending 858 days as a Heartland resident. “From the
minute we saw him on the website, we knew he was our dog,” said Matthew Caudill. “When we met
him, it was as if nothing else was going on around us.” At Heartland, Little Foot’s smile would light up the
kennel. It’s the same at home. “He’s very lovable, caring and in tune with us,” said Matthew. “When we come home from work, all of our worries go out the window because he is so happy to see us.” Little Foot has continued the training he started at Heartland and can walk on his back legs, shake, sit, lie down and speak. Since being adopted, Little Foot’s favorite activities have been playing tug-of-war with his favorite toy, taking walks and going “bye-bye.” “He is one of the brightest lights of our life,” said Matthew.


Black cats are often overlooked at shelters and not only is Mew black, but she also needs a human
companion who will read and respect her body language signals. Fortunately, Jackie Lutar is that special person! Jackie is a volunteer at the shelter but was not familiar with Mew. She was introduced to Mew by an adoption counselor and a staff member, and it was a match made in heaven. “While I was thinking about her, Mew kept staring me and telling me with her eyes that I needed to adopt her,” said Jackie. She made herself at home right away and even became friends with Jackie’s other cat, Rebbie. “They love to chase each other and play,” said Jackie. Mew, whose nickname is Stubby, has blossomed in her new home. Jackie explained, “Her fur is super shiny now, she loves to play with anything that has catnip in it and she’s turned out to be a lap cat!”


Baulder, formerly Bronx, first came to us in 2016 and through no fault of his own, was returned twice. When Brian and Carolyn Winters came to the shelter, they didn’t notice him, but he set his sights on them. Baulder kept barking until they turned around, then he rolled over for belly rubs. That’s all it took. When they brought Baulder home, the Winters learned he was house-trained and knew several commands. “Baulder loves to play,” said Brian. “His favorite thing is to hide under blankets and thrash around. Anything blanket-related makes him happy.” Of course, his parents tuck him in every night to his own bed and blanket. “Baulder is our first rescue dog and is such a pleasure. We love him dearly,” said Carolyn.


After losing her cat of 21 years, cat room volunteer Kris Monty built a connection with Celeste, an independent, longhair girl with a reputation for not wanting to be touched. “One day she let me pet her head and before long, I was petting the rest of her body,” said Kris. “I believe she knew I needed her as much as she needed me.” Celeste and Kris share their home with four dogs and it’s one big happy family. “She jumps on the dogs to get to me and she naps on top of them,” said Kris. “She’s super playful and very affectionate.” Celeste headbutts and purrs for attention, something she never did at Heartland. When it’s time for bed, Celeste sleeps with her face on Kris’ chest. “Celeste is proof that good things are worth waiting for,” said Kris. “If you feel a bond with an animal, don’t let it go. They choose us as much as we choose them.”