Introducing Our New Parvovirus Program

We are proud to announce the development of our new parvovirus treatment and prevention program!

While puppies are most at risk of contracting parvovirus because of their underdeveloped immune systems, unvaccinated dogs of all ages are vulnerable to this deadly disease. The good news is that parvo is preventable with vaccines, and treatable with intensive care. We take in numerous parvo cases each year (check out some of our parvo survivors, above) and because of our devoted medical team, we have a high success rate in treating affected puppies and dogs. We wanted to do even more to prevent parvo in our community and save more dogs at risk of euthanasia or death due to parvo and fortunately, the James Banks Foundation was willing to help!

We have begun building our new parvo program which will allow us to treat more puppies and dogs in need of lifesaving care. Our medical technicians have been training with national shelter medicine leaders to improve our parvo treatment protocols, and we will soon be working to build up a team of dedicated volunteers to help us rescue more dogs who need us to save their lives. Later, we will also be helping the public to ensure that the puppies and dogs in our community are protected and never have to go through this terrible disease.

We can’t wait to save the lives of hundreds of dogs, thanks to the incredible generosity of our partner, the James Banks Foundation, who made this possible. Thank you for helping us save puppies and dogs from parvovirus who might not otherwise have a chance!