Our New Adoption and Education Program

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded a generous grant by the Lake County Community Foundation to help us get more large and bully breed dogs adopted!

This grant will fund our efforts to rescue more large and bully breed dogs from euthanasia and place them into homes. Our main focus will be bringing these dogs to various locations in Lake County with the specific purpose of educating the public on all of the reasons that these dogs make such great additions to families and thrive in suburban homes. This grant will also allow us to provide these dogs with additional support to get them adopted!

Dogs like these are most at risk in our municipal shelters, largely due to misconceptions about their breeds. We are so appreciative to the Lake County Community Foundation for recognizing the need for a program like this to help save their lives. We cannot wait to get started on this important journey!

Do you know a business, school or other group that would love to have us come speak and bring some of our amazing pooches? Email us!