Springtime in Chicago = Kitten Season

Spring means Kitten Season, the time of the year when shelters are flooded with newborns. While some kittens are orphaned and need human help, most should be left alone. While removing kittens and bringing them to a shelter may feel like the right thing, it should be your last resort because kittens are much less likely to survive without their mothers. So if you find newborn kittens outdoors, here’s what to do:

1.  Watch the kittens from a distance for 12-18 hours to see if mom returns. If she does, leave them alone. If she doesn’t, then you may need to get involved.
2. If the kittens are in danger, move them to a safe place nearby where mom can find them.
3. Contact a shelter or vet to discuss the situation if the kittens are dirty, sick, injured, or crying.
4. If you decide to take the kittens inside, you must provide round-the-clock care, including feeding them seven times daily. Contact a shelter if you need advice.
5. When the kittens are old enough (about eight weeks), get them spayed or neutered so they do not have more unwanted kittens.

Video: What to do if you find kittens.

While we hope that most kittens will stay with their mothers, Heartland needs to be prepared for kittens that are orphaned and need our human help.
Here is our wish list of items that can help us during this season.

Priority Items:

  1. Canned kitten food (Purina Fancy FeastRoyal Canin or Purina Pro Plan preferred)
  2. Kitten formula (PetLacKMR2nd Step, Breeder’s Edge or Fox Valley)
  3. SmartPetLove Snuggle Kitty
  4. Miracle brand nipples
  5. Liquid Syringes
  6. Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heated Pads
  7. Small Kitchen Scale

Lower Priority Items:

  1. Pet Wipes
  2. Foldable Play Pen
  3. Baby food cans (human) chicken-flavored is best
  4. Disposable Litter Boxes