Addie (fka. Adalai)

Good Morning!

My name is Kaitlyn, and my fiance and I adopted Adalai back in July of 2018. We wanted to send an email updating you on how she’s settled in. She continues to grow more confidant wherever she goes, and her personality is really shining through.

We absolutely LOVE her, and we can’t imagine life without her. She always is ready to cuddle and especially enjoys a good snuggle with her toys. We learned very quickly that she would stay outside all day if she could. Snow is her best friend, and she loves to dive into it and roll around. She is a blast to go exploring with, and our favorite time of the day is playing with her toys after dinner.

We are continuing to work on socializing her to new situations. She is still not fond of being around other dogs, but during her obedience classes, she was slowly starting to share a space with them more comfortably. We are continuing her training so that she gets more practice learning to respond to us in situations where dogs are present. We have slowly introduced her to my five year old nephew, and she absolutely loves him. She occasionally gets excited and wants to jump/tug on him, but she responds well when we give the command for “off”.

Despite her caution to new situations/people and her fear of dogs, we cannot express enough how much we adore her. She is so intelligent and willing to please; she continues to grow and tackle a new situation each day. We can’t thank you enough for caring for animals like Addie and giving them a second chance at a better life.


Kaitlyn and Sean


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When you adopt from a no-kill shelter, you save two lives. The animal you adopt and the one that replaces him.