Enriching the lives of Heartland Animal Shelter’s dogs.

The Arlo Fund aims to provide comprehensive care for all dogs at Heartland Animal Shelter by ensuring their mental and emotional needs are being met through training, behavioral interventions, and a shelter enrichment program.

Studies show that the long-term effects of kenneling can be detrimental to the mental health and therefore, overall well being of dogs. We have taken steps to better care for our canines by implementing an enrichment program to provide mental exercise in addition to the physical exercise they receive daily. Our enrichment program consists of K9 nosework activities, interactive puzzle toys of varying levels, and essential oil scents in the kennel. New volunteers are taught about the importance of enrichment starting at their mentor sessions.

Teaching the dogs new skills and tricks is another way we provide our dogs with mental exercise. Through training we also strengthen the dog-handler bond and create a well-rounded dog that is a better candidate for adoption.

We also provide force-free, positive reinforcement behavioral interventions to our “underdogs,” who may need a little extra help to overcome various fears.

Donations allocated to the Arlo Fund will cover:

  • Freedom No-Pull Harnesses
  • Enrichment items and activities
  • Vet behaviorist fees
  • Positive reinforcement/force-free trainer fees
  • Kennel improvements to reduce overall stress
  • Medical interventions related to behavior modification (testing, medication, etc)
  • Transportation costs to bring an “underdog” to a sanctuary, if it’s agreed upon as the best place for them


When you adopt from a no-kill shelter, you save two lives. The animal you adopt and the one that replaces him.