Cleo (fka. Mallie)

It’s been about 4 months now since I adopted Mallie (who is now Cleo). And just wanted you all to know how in love I am with her! She’s the best kitty in the world! At first adjusting was hard. There was scratching and biting but I knew If I stayed patient and continued to show and teach love… she’d come around. And she is beginning to! It’s so amazing to see her get more comfortable with me. She has been extremely loving over the past few weeks, laying next to me in bed, slowly coming on to my lap feeling me out, I’ll wake up with her sitting on the pillow next to me! She brings me so much joy and I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures with you. Thank you!


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When you adopt from a no-kill shelter, you save two lives. The animal you adopt and the one that replaces him.