Daisy (fka Pink)

I am writing to let you know that our loving Daisy (formerly known as Pink who we adopted last July at Heartland) was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer on Thursday, January 26th. We have a few weeks left with her according to the vet, but I just wanted to let your shelter know how much she is/was loved and how much we have enjoyed the privilege of adopting one of your rescues.

It was a warm day in July 2016 when I came to the shelter to find a dog. I knew right away Pink (now known as Daisy) was the perfect one for our family. She is always excited when we come home – even if we were only gone 10 minutes. She loves going to the Glenview Dog Park and playing with other dogs. She has also loved the occasional “Puppaccino” treat from Starbucks and loves going through the drive through. She has enjoyed sleeping with us in bed every night, attending every family party, barking at dogs that walk by our house, and chasing after birds at the park in Northbrook. She loves snuggling under the covers and chewing bones.

Daisy also joined me on a long road trip to Shelbyville, Kentucky in August 2016 and we got to spend 4 straight days together and got plenty of sunshine. She was not scared of horses, but you could tell she was surprised by how big they were! One thing I also quickly realized was that Daisy LOVES the riding shotgun in the car!

In her final days, I am giving her more treats that usual. We are planning to feed her some steak tomorrow and she has been enjoying her doggy cupcakes from Bentley’s Pet Store. We have driven around the neighborhood several times just because and also gone to the dog park so that she can sniff around. She has gotten even more pets than usual and we are enjoying every single possible day that we can with our best girlfriend.

I just wanted to send this quick note so that you know we treated her like solid gold. My husband loves her, our families love her, and the whole neighborhood knows and loves Daisy! We have luckily packed in years’ worth of love into a short 6-7 months. She taught me a lot and I will never forget her. I am still trying to figure out how I am going to handle putting her down when the day comes, but for now I am going to make each day count and stay strong so we can help usher her into the big dog park in the sky! I hope we will one day be able to have the privilege of adopting from Heartland Animal Shelter again. Thanks for everything!!!!


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When you adopt from a no-kill shelter, you save two lives. The animal you adopt and the one that replaces him.