(We are delighted to receive this Happy Tail. Dood was rescued from a hoarding situation. He hid in the ceiling for 2 weeks before we could get him! Now he has a loving home to call his own!)

Hi Heartland. My favorite picture of Dood is the one of him laying next to me by the couch. Reason is, Gretel pointed out Dood “looks like he trusts me.” Her response has stayed with me. I am thrilled she sees that in Dood! He’s really coming along!!

I sent you my other favorite picture of Dood Sitting outside his safety spot, my living room closet. I can sometimes coax him to stay out in the living room with me instead of heading back. He’ll sit and take in the area.

The last picture is what I call Dood’s “before” picture. I took it in the first week Dood was with me, 6/18. The other pictures are less than a week old.

Looking at Dood in the Crate compared to how he is now, blew my mind! I am SO thrilled for Dood! He’s got some mojo! It means the world to me! I want that for him!

Thank You for all you do for the animals!!



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When you adopt from a no-kill shelter, you save two lives. The animal you adopt and the one that replaces him.