Good morning,

As we approach our 1 year adoption anniversary, we wanted to take a moment to send you a quick update on our furry ball of joy, Lilly.

We learned so much this first year and it took some time to really get to know each other and trust each other. Our girl ran away from us not even a week after we got her, but luckily we found her in a neighbor’s yard right away. That gave us quite a scare and I was convinced she hated us. We spent the rest of the summer going for long walks and just having fun. With fall, we realized that Lilly hates the rain and being sprayed by anything, so she would avoid going outside at all costs during rainy days (yes, she turned out to be quite the princess). We did sign her up for dog school and she graduated from every class with flying colors! She quickly becomes the “teacher’s pet” as they just can’t get over how well behaved and beautiful she is. Quick learner and super smart. Her first winter, she was obsessed with snow and would lick up mountains of it on our walks. It was quite funny to see paw prints in the snow and down the middle long lines where she licks as she walks. She did get out one more time last winter, but she thought we were playing catch and didn’t really “run away”, just past the gate.

Unfortunately during those long cold winter nights, Lilly got a little restless in her crate due to lack of stimulation and started to destroy her crate and all padding inside. Despite our best efforts to burn off her puppy energy, we couldn’t do much due to the cold. At the advice of some family members, we signed her up for doggy daycare twice a week and it was the second best decision we made for her health and well-being. As you can imagine, Lilly quickly became a favorite and everyone just loves her! She has such a blast playing with her friends and sleeps for days after being so worn out from play.

Spring and summer are fantastic as she gets to run around and play. She’s made friends in the neighborhood and no longer runs away! I can now open the gate, tell her to go in the car and she just runs to the garage and jumps in. My heart melted the first time I trusted her to do that and she didn’t deviate from her task.

Aside from that, she’s a couch potato who loves snuggles and lots of rubs. She loves to stretch out and all things “fluffy” or just chill by the fire with us. Oh, I can’t forget to mention how fantastic she is with little kids. She knows how to read them and leave alone those that are nervous and then go ahead and lick those that want to pet her. She’s so patient and calm around all ages and quickly converts non-dog kids, to dog loving/obsessed children. One boy in the neighborhood cannot stop coming to our yard because his day is not complete if he doesn’t get to waive at Lilly.

One year later, we can truly say she changed our lives for the best and we cannot imagine our days without the licks on our faces and floppy ears in the middle of the night. She is a great road-trip companion and an excellent running/biking partner. Thanks to her, I spend so much more time being active outside.

Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt her. We love this girl to pieces and hope she can bring us joy for many years to come.
We did try to find the woman who originally saved this pup from a kill shelter, but couldn’t find any info for her. If you do have a way to contact her, please feel free to share this email and pictures with her. She’s truly an angel for giving this girl a second chance that she deserved so much.

Warmest regards,
Maria & Tom

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When you adopt from a no-kill shelter, you save two lives. The animal you adopt and the one that replaces him.