Millie and Milo

It will be 3 years ago on Dec 26 that we adopted our sweet siblings from Heartland. We went to Heartland after our little cat Dolly died suddenly at only 5 years old from a heart condition. We were so heartbroken and impulsively called Heartland to see if they were open on Christmas Eve. We spent 2 hours visiting cats looking for a bonded pair. Millie and Milo were the first pair we saw and I just knew they were waiting for us. They had been there 9 months. We took them home on Dec 26.

Millie (formerly Charlee) has always been outgoing and social, but Milo (formerly Pyerre) was shy and skittish. He has come a long way and loves snuggling, belly rubs and head scratches. Millie likes to curl up on your shoulder and her purrs are so loud I think the neighbors must hear her. I knew I didn’t want kittens but Millie and Milo are 8 now are very active and love chasing each other around the house. Their favorite activity is watching birds and squirrels at the feeder on the patio. They also love to snuggle in the bed pillows.

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When you adopt from a no-kill shelter, you save two lives. The animal you adopt and the one that replaces him.