Ms. Gypsy (fka Ms. Gizmo) and HeiHei (fka Vino)

Hello, we adopted Ms. Gypsy, was Ms. Gizmo and HeiHei, was Vino! We are so excited and we can not believe how exact these cats are of what we wanted. We are so lucky they were still there since we saw them 3 weeks before we moved in to our new place and did not want to get them before we moved. I’ve always wanted a orange tabby and my boyfriend always wanted a “cool looking cat” and their personalities match everything we wanted too. We are so lucky and grateful to have them. Thank you so much for taking care of them before we were lucky enough to find them.

vinoe vinoe2 vinoe3

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When you adopt from a no-kill shelter, you save two lives. The animal you adopt and the one that replaces him.