Strategic Plan 2024-26

At Heartland, our passion is to find every dog and cat in our care a safe and loving forever home. Recognizing the power of a clear roadmap, Heartland’s Board of Directors convened a diverse group of stakeholders in 2023 to develop a new Strategic Plan. This five-point plan incorporates the views of our staff, volunteers, board members, community representatives, fosters, and donors. Through in-depth research, survey responses from 284 stakeholders, interviews, and an analysis of our community demographics, we developed a comprehensive “SWOT” (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis. The plan was officially approved on October 17, 2023, and we’re now focused on bringing it to life. Led by the Executive Director and coordinated with senior staff, the Board will closely monitor the implementation through quarterly progress evaluations.


Read the full plan:

HL stategic plan final 3-21-24