Niko (fka. Donut)

My husband and I adopted Donut (now named Niko) in November of 2019. When first bringing him home he was very, very scared. He would cling to me and would hardly move around. We bonded right away and he quickly got comfortable and trusted me. Not shortly after, he also got very comfortable with my husband and our 50 pound female lab, Zoey!

We have had Niko for almost three months now and it has been a joy seeing him grow. We are also starting to see his fun and playful personality, too! Niko is even starting to chase Zoey around the house and play with her, which she absolutely loves! We can tell they are going to be best pals in no time.

I am fortunate to say that Niko has somehow picked me as his “person”. He follows me everywhere, sleeps at my feet (or as close to me as possible), and spends every moment he can in my lap. When he is getting pet, he smiles and looks so happy that you can’t help but laugh. When I walk into the room, his tail instantly wags with pure excitement that I’m there. When it’s time to go up for bed, Niko gets bursts of energy where he excitedly runs in circles and squeaks with excitement. He loves chasing after treats and has even started goofing around by letting out playful growls while running around the room. His kind nature and fun personality is a bright light in our lives. We love him with all of our hearts! Our little Niko

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When you adopt from a no-kill shelter, you save two lives. The animal you adopt and the one that replaces him.