Olli and Andi (fka. Holly and Noelle)

We adopted Holly and Noelle (now Olli and Andi) and they are doing great.
They have been amazing and have made our quarantine a million times better. I love waking up to take them out for their morning potty and then coming back inside for a 1 hour cuddle session before the workday starts. My husband and I fight over who gets the nighttime cuddles with them. Their cuteness is now known by the internet and by my workplace (they won the cutest pet competition when there were about 100 entries). We love playing fetch and tug-o-war with their rope toys and we have decent hallways for them to run through. We’re excited to start using our back porch as the weather gets nicer so that we all get more fresh air. They’ve kept us healthy (with daily walks) and active (gotta keep an eye on them) and on a regular schedule (they wake up 10 minutes before my 6am alarm). My coworkers and both of our families love seeing them on zoom chats.
The first few weeks with 2 puppies was really really hard but we’re doing great now and we love them way too much. We’re basically obsessed with them. Our cameras are full.
Thanks so much for Andi and Olli!
Rachel and Darren

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When you adopt from a no-kill shelter, you save two lives. The animal you adopt and the one that replaces him.