Rover (fka. Cubby)

10 years ago today we adopted Rover (his name was Cubby when we adopted him). It’s a good day and a sad day as he is no longer with us. We had to put him down last year. We are still struggling with our loss. After three years from when we adopted him Rover got really sick and because of this condition he was a special needs dog. Rover was on a certain diet. After many trials and errors we figured out that he could only eat a certain brand of dog food and dog treats. This is something that my husband and I have not ever been through. So it was a learning thing and keeping in touch with his veteran was a very important part. Rover was on medication and after awhile I was giving him a B-12 shot monthly. What a trooper he was. Rover was a part of our family and we considered him as a child of ours. During all this we adopted Lady. This kept Rover going for the last few years of his life. I truely believe that if it wasn’t for us adopting Lady, Rover would have not survived as long as he did.
We are very blessed and grateful that Rover came into our lives. We gave Rover the best life he could possibly ever have.
THANK YOU Heartland for Rover. We are truly blessed that he was a big part of our life and leaving his paw prints deep in our hearts.

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When you adopt from a no-kill shelter, you save two lives. The animal you adopt and the one that replaces him.