Zoe (fka Day Lily)

To all Heartland staff (especially Laurie, Pam and Tom),

We wanted to send a ‘thank you’ your way for all of your help in finding us our new family member. To you all she is known as Day Lily, but to us, she is Zoe. We had a rough few weeks with digestive issues, late nights and a few trips to the vet, but as new dog owners, we are learning the ropes as well.

Zoe comes with us every morning as we drop off the girls at school and whimpers as they get out of the car. She excitedly hops back in the car in the afternoon when it’s time to go get them. She is getting used to her home and new neighborhood dog friends. She is working on not jumping up on new visitors, but she is just sooo excited to meet new people. The energy of the three kids definitely works in tandem with Zoe’s energy and makes for a crazy house sometimes. The kids keep her busy, so she definitely misses them while they are at school and she is stuck with boring old mom. But that’s when we get to take long and quiet, uninterrupted walks. She loves cuddling and has many takers when looking for someone with whom to cuddle. Overall, she is calming down and we like to consider it her really knowing this is her forever home, and it’s OK to get comfortable.

We look forward to sharing more stories in the future!

Thank you again for the work you do and the care and compassion you give.

Tom, Sarah, Sydney, Adelaide and Eleanor

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When you adopt from a no-kill shelter, you save two lives. The animal you adopt and the one that replaces him.