Creating a Walk of Love Fundraiser

  • Start by clicking here.
  • You will then be asked to create a Mightycause Account if you don’t have one.
  • To create your own fundraiser, click on JOIN THIS EVENT (you also have the option to just DONATE without fundraising)

  • You can click on any of the “PENCIL” icons to customize your fundraiser’s title, photo, goal, story, etc. 
  • Personalizing your page will lead to more donors.
  • Introduce your fundraiser in a sentence or two like “You know how much I love animals, and I hope to raise funds to get an invitation to participate in the Heartland Shelter Walk of Love!”
  • Set an end date to June 23rd if that field is empty
  • Set your fundraising goal for the Walk of Love
  • Explain in the story area why you are supporting this organization. You can mention Heartland’s mission “to provide excellent and life-saving care to the most vulnerable dogs and cats until we find them good homes” or write about your experience with Heartland or about your animals.
  • Once you’re finished customizing your page, be sure to hit PUBLISH

  • After you publish your page, you can share it on social media or email a link to friends and family.

If you have any questions, please email us.

SHARE THIS EVENT: Do you know anyone with a large social media following? Help us recruit celebrities and influencers who may want to get involved!

SPONSOR US: Sponsor the shelter or provide in-kind donations, such as food or supplies, for the event. (You will receive logo placement and social media shoutouts.) Click this link for more information.